Javier Gómez Laina                                                
                                              ngc891  &  Abell347 galaxy cluster in  Andromeda
         (click on the image for a larger size)

Object:             ngc891 and Abell347 galaxy cluster.
Optics:             Home made 250 f/5.4 carbon-fiber tube Newton. TV Paracorr & IDAS LPS filter.
Camera:           Canon 350d  modified (infrared filter removing)
Exposures:       31 x 400"  ;   3h:27' total exposure
ISO:                 800
Date:                30 Nov 2005
Mount:              Home made aluminium fork controled by Mel Bartel's design system.
Guiding:           MX716 on
a 2x barlowed TV-76



Darks & Flat calibration
SDMask combining
Dynamic Background Extraction (sky gradient correction)
Digital Development Processing (DDP)
Curves adjust
Lucy-Richardson deconvolution on luminance channel
LRGB combining (grayscale image as luminance)

ImagesPlus, PixInSight, CCDSharp, PhotoShop.