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Javier Gómez Laina                                                                                                               (click on the image for a full resolution view)


Object:             IC5146     - emission & reflection nebula -    
Telescope:       Luminance:  
COMELLAS  telescope  (250 f/4.8 Newton). Lumicon coma corrector.
                         RGB:            TeleVue 76 piggy-backed on Newton
Cameras:          Lum:   Artemis ART4021
                         RGB:  Canon 350d (infrared filter removed)
Filters:              Lum & RGB:  idas LPS
Exposures:       Lum:   286 x 300"     (23:50 total) 
                         RGB:  256 x 300"     (21:20 total)
Resolution:       1.28"/pixel   (largest size)
Date:                 4 - 7 Sep  2007
Guiding:            MX716 on Off-Axis Guider


Bias, Darks & Flat calibration
SDMask combining
Histogram, Curves and wavelets adjust
LRGB combined
ACDNR noise reduction in PI

MaximDL, ImagesPlus, PixInSight, PhotoShop.